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Friday, 25 September 2020

Why dummies and baby bottles need to be shortlived:

Did you know that from 18 months.....

 Sucking on a dummy or bottle during a large part of our toddlers ‘awake’ period can potentially lead to other challenges later in life.

·         Communication is vital at this age and being able to correctly form certain sounds is the foundation for developing clear speech patterns. Prolonged sucking on a dummy or bottle may hinder proper development of speech patterns and result in them struggling with pronunciation or breathing while speaking or cause them to develop a lisp.

·         As their teeth and jaws are still developing, constantly sucking on something can cause teeth problems or result in them developing an overbite. 

·         Although sucking helps babies to deal with overwhelming feelings, it is incredibly important for our children to develop other ways to self-regulate at this age, such as breathing exercises, asking for help, paging through a book and talking to someone, etc.


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