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Sunday 13 September 2020


FIRSTLY remember that for each child there is a school and for each school there is a child. Just as our children are individuals, so are our schools. A school’s individuality is determined by their community, staff, size, age etc.

2) Visit the school’s website and Facebook page, ask other people what they know about the specific school, look at the school’s ethos and mission and see if you as a family and your values can and will resonate with it. If you see the word ‘tolerate’, be cautious, as that does not necessarily imply unconditional acceptance. It could mean that we accept, because we have too.

3) Attend one of the school’s social events. It is inevitable that attending parents will discuss elements of the school when they get together. You will soon hear how they are talking about the school and what they are saying. This will allow you to get a feel for the school’s environment.

4) Visit the school. Have a look at all the classrooms. Look for individuality in each classroom. If a teacher isn’t able to put her individual touch on her classroom, then it is highly unlikely that children’s individuality will be encouraged.

5) Ask how children are disciplined in each grade, as you most probably are choosing a school for the long term.

6) Ask different teachers how long they have been teaching and how they are finding it. You will quickly be able to distinguish between passionate teachers and the ones who are doing it just as a job.

7) Consider whether they are teaching 21st century skills in their curriculums, such as social, communication, self-management, research and critical thinking skills.

8) Choose schools that encourages diversity and are inclusive.

FINALLY, trust your instinct as a parent. And remember that no school or teacher is perfect. Just like with any relationship problems or issues may arise, but how it is dealt with can make all the difference. Also try to keep an open mind when you have more than one child, consider their individuality, as you may find that they belong in different schools.

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