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Saturday 10 October 2020

Tips for introducing more ease into your mornings with kids

Mornings can be very rough in a household with little people, but there are a few changes you can consider to help make your mornings a bit more manageable.

·         Consistent routines
I cannot emphasize the importance of a consistent routine enough. Even though life will still happen and all your good intentions might on occasion fly out the window. Once you have established a consistent routine, children will start to follow it automatically - even on the rough days. It is similar to following a map. Even if your car breaks down or you have a flat tire, you still need to follow the map to get to your destination.

·         Be organized
The best tip a friend gave me when our boys were very little, was for me to get up before them so that I can get myself sorted first. Although I wasn’t too keen at first, I quickly recognized the difference it made and kept to it. As they have grown older and become more independent, it has become easier. I now no longer have to get up before them and every now and then can even enjoy a sleep-in.

·         Adapt to your child
Every child is unique. If your child is not a morning person, don’t rush them. Let their mornings be relaxed and calm, because the more you fight them the tougher it will get. If your child needs cuddles in the morning, sit down or get into bed with them to have a bit of cuddle time. Maybe read a book together or spend some time outside. Use your morning time to feed your child’s soul. Your morning sets the tone for the rest of the day. If your child has a soul fed morning, they will be so much more receptive to learning at school and you yourself will have a much better day too.

·         Encourage independence
If they want to feed themselves, let them. If they want to dress themselves, let them. If they want to brush their own teeth, let them. Independence encourages confidence and confidence encourages good self-esteem.

·         Don’t sweat the small stuff
Pick your battles. If your child wants to go to the shop wearing their fairy wings, let them. If your child doesn’t want to wear shoes, let them. Rather challenge your child about things that really matters like good manners and being kind, as those are the things that will ultimately make them better people and help them to make a difference in our world.

I do hope that these tips will help you bring more ease and calm to your mornings. Don’t forget to live in the moment with your little people and on the days when your mornings do go wrong, remember that this will not last forever.



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