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Sunday 4 October 2020

Cultivating learning

I strongly believe that, as a teacher, I need to adapt to each of my learners’ needs and way of learning. This requires me to constantly evolve my teaching strategies and keep up with the ever changing education landscape.

One of my favorite ways to involve my little friends in learning is through movement and music. Singing and movement go hand in hand and gives young children a chance to be creative, have fun, collaborate and channel their energy in a positive manner. It also improves their coordination and language skills. Exposing them to different instruments and music expands their world and encourages sensory awareness.

Learners need to be presented with controlled choices from a young age as it gives them a feeling of empowerment. When my little friends arrive in the mornings, I have engaging and inviting activities set out for them to choose from and they get to decide how much time they want to spend at each one until our first circle time takes place. I make sure to incorporate their varying interests when setting up and try to create opportunities for them to discover and learn through hands on experiences.

As young learners are very egocentric, it is important that they are exposed to situations where they will experience success through self-motivation (avoid rewards) and collaboration (learning from others).

Using these basic principles helps me as a teacher to prepare my lessons and create an engaging, happy and organized classroom environment where my little friends can develop successfully in all areas, while playing.

Printed Shape and Number posters in my classroom are all from Pocket of Preschool.

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