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Tuesday 15 June 2021

Through the eyes of a toddler: There is an adult in our toddlerhood….

As toddlers, we often feel tested by the adults in our lives. They like to control us and generally only think of us as the grownup we will become, forgetting that right now we are only little and that now is what counts with us. We feel now, cry now, scream now and shout now. Tomorrow does not exist for us, but grownups don’t seem to get that.

So how do we get adults to see the world through our eyes? We play with them, build blocks, blow bubbles, cook, pretend and plant with them. We try our best to teach them to slow down and to laugh again. Life is so serious and rushed for them, that they forget to laugh. They get mad and irritated about little things, which makes us feel very nervous and overwhelmed by our own emotions.

Maybe if we build better relationships with our grownups and teach them to laugh more often… Maybe then they will understand us better and realize that we don’t intentionally behave badly. We are still learning to understand ourselves, the world we live in and our emotions. We are little and have very limited experience. Connecting with us and laughing with us, will make us feel safe and open to our grownups.



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